Dinings runs private & group sushi making classes for various occasions,

  including team building or special events.



  From beginners to chefs, Dinings offers different levels of training courses.

  If you are interested in learning Japanese cuisine, please contact us




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  Live Cooking Demonstrations.


  Dinings Executive chef, Masaki Sugisaki and business partner, Nick Taylor-Guy have delivered

  live cooking demonstration on a variety of occasions including Peugeot cuisine d'amour theatre

  and Mark Wilkinson Japanese concepts kitchen show case.


  Dinings opened 2 noodle restaurants in Japan, Marusen in Tokyo in 2010

  and The noodle company in Kyushu in 2012.

  Both restaurants feature organic ingredients, fresh homemade noodles and we are proud to say

  "NO" MSG



  These restaurants specialized ramen noodle and soup made from selected organic chickens.



  Dinings were asked to create a specific menu based on the traditional foods from the Kyoto

  area of Japan to demonstrate the new range of kitchen equipment from Panasonic.



  The 2 days of demonstrations were delivered to 4 groups of journalists and food writers

  all of whom were delighted with the new product and Dinings dishes!


  Dinings has been selected as patrons of the open championship 2011

  creating bespoke dishes for an event on a cruise ship 'Le Diamant'.



  We featured our own style of new fusion Japanese dishes at the open championship

  at St.George, world's most prestigious golf event held once a year in UK.


  2009 and 2010 Taste of London festival,

  Dinings featured selections of our signature dishes.

  Also Dinings executive chef Masaki Sugisaki participated in taste theatre demonstration.



  Taste of London is a sumptuous, indulgent foodie day out in the heart of the capital.


  Dinings provided secret Japanse tasting menu at Ichi-ni-san, A day for Japan charity event

  on 20th august 2011



  Ichi-ni-san event has been organised by various Japanese professionals who live in UK

  to support Japanese society after the biggest earthquake.