Head Chef / Deputy Director   

  Keiji Fuku


  Coming from the fishing city of Osaka:

  Keiji Fuku has been enveloped in the sushi culture since he was a child.

  His sushi career began when he decided to work in a traditional Japanese restaurant as a student whilst studying for his

  professional cooks examination, which he attained in 2001.


  The style of cooking in Osaka is of a casual and family nature, ideal for his career development with Dinings Restaurant.

  Deciding he needed to expand on his skills, Keiji moved to Paris where joined Nobu Restaurant. Recognising his skills Nobu asked

  him to relocate to London after a brief stage in Nobu Tokyo, where he could widen his knowledge and abilities.


  It was during his time with Nobu that Keiji met Tomonari Chiba, the co-founder and create mind behind Dinings Ltd. Keiji agreed

  to join with Mr Chiba and in 2006 they opened 22 Harcourt Street, London.


  He lives in London with his wife, Megumi.